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P.T.M. (Planning, Tracking & Management)

  • Linear planning. (Based on Time and Chainage)

  •  Server based platform

  •  Workdone progress tracking based on DPR, rolling plans based on progress.

  •  Resource calculation, Consumption

  • Daily resource tracking

  • Compare - actual resource consumed vs estimated quantities

  • Compare quantities - Base Plan vs DPR vs RFI vs Billing

  • Items vs resources.

  • Rate analysis

  • Document Management

  • Mobile application for easy data collection from site

  • Progressive 3D Model Based On Work done

  • Server Based DPR/RFI Submission

  • Strip Charts Based On DPR,RFI

  • Bar Charts (Can be directly opened in MSP/Primavera)

  • Graphical Analysis For Work In Progress

  • Monthly Planning

  • SAP/ERP Based Interface

  • Structure Quantity Estimation & 3DModelling

  • Laboratory Testing Reports

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