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About Us



We are primarily a software company focused on building cutting-edge software for the infrastructure industry. We provide software for corridor type projects, such as roads, railways, highways, airports, canals, dams, and pipelines.

We have developed a variety of applications for the Infrastructure Industry since our inception in 2000. With the debut of our first product, CalQuan Kross X, shortly after conception, we have and will continue to be an industry leader. We've always had and continue to have a good working relationship with site executions and conditions. Our expertise has always been in upgrading our software over time to meet changing site requirements.

We integrated a CAD engine into our programme to speed up and improve the accuracy of drawing generation and quantity calculation.


Soon after, we created Land Development Tools (LDT), a surveying software with a primary focus on land development, to generate Contours, Plans, and Profiles, among other things.

Later, Strip Charts and Bar Charts, as well as Rate Analysis, Detailed Planning, Monthly Planning, and other tools, were merged to provide a complete solution for any Corridor type project.

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