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Kross X


  • Software for quantity calculation and cross-section drawing generation.

  •  Useful for any corridor type project like Roads, Highways, Canals, Railways, Dams, Airports, etc.

  •  Parametric generation of cross-sections.

  •  User-defined templates that can generate any cross-sections.

  •  Point-Line definition concept is unique to Kross-X.
    ( not available in any other software)


  •  Master Templates for Roads, Dams, Canals, Railways.

  •  Component library for various types of projects.

  •  Dynamic Data Calculation

  •  Conditional Evaluation- Manual, Auto-Detect & Advanced.

  •  3D Modelling


  • Special components / tools for

1. Profile Correction, Road Widening, Overlay, Shoulder Widening.

2. Auto detect of PCC layers.

3. Subgrade quantity calculation based on CBR.

4. Dynamic conditional evaluation of cross-sections.

5. Drain library.

6. Canals – Casing, Hearting, COT, Berms, Rock Toe.

7. Railways – Benching, Berms, Ballast.

 Batch processing for all drawings.

 Lookup Tables, Autorun Script.

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