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L.D.T. (Land Development Tools)

  • Point Groups.

1. Read data from file, CAD points, Blocks,

2. Directly create points on CAD interface.

3. Convert random points to Grid format based on triangulation.

  •  DTM.

1.Triangulation, Contour generation, Contour drawing with annotations.

2. Applying inner and outer boundaries to contours.

  •  Strings.

1. Read data from file, CAD interface, Edit on CAD..

2. Assign Line types and hatch..

  •  Volume Calculation between two surveyed surfaces. (No Design Levels).

1. By Grid method ( Drawing – Initial and Final, Average RLs, Cut / Fill Quantity).

2. By Cross section method (Drawings – Cross Sections).

3. By Triangulation method. (Drawing – Prisms).

  •  Process codes – Generate survey drawings.

  •  Horizontal and Vertical alignments - Multi point, with Curves.

  •  Geometric design of vertical and horizontal alignments.

  •  L – Sections drawings

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